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    Oakhurst Swimming Pool


OPEN: Sun Up - Sun Down, Daily

Maintained daily at 80°F and open 7 days a week year round, we offer private access to our members and hosted guests to the Oakhurst Country Club Junior Olympic-size Swimming Pool, complete with a lovely backdrop of Mt. Diablo and the convenience of Poolside access to our Swim Snack Bar during Summer months. The Oakhurst Swimming Pool is both exercise and family friendly. This venue is great for all kinds of swimmers! Little ones still learning to swim enjoy the safety of 3.5' - 5' depths, floaties, noodles and water wings allowed, and for advanced swimmers enjoy uninterrupted exercise with access to private lane reservations. All members and guests enjoy ample swimming lane availability year round, daily.


The restrooms and showers on the pool deck will be accessible to guests, however the main locker rooms in the clubhouse are available to members only. We do not currently offer a diaper changing table in restrooms on the pool deck, please keep this in mind if that’s applicable to your family’s needs.


Bring your own towels for the swimming pool, the main locker rooms do have towels for showering only, if you become a member, those will be accessible to you as well.

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  1. Swimmers may bring kickboard, fins, paddles, floaties, water wings, pool toys etc.
  2. Swim lanes remain up for exercise swimmers and private lane reservations, but if you and your lane neighbors agree, you are welcome to share lanes!
  3. Cover-ups and shoes are required anywhere outside the pool gates including indoors and on the outdoor dining patio.
  4. Wait until no water is dripping from your person before you or your children re-enter the building.
  5. Both Pool Gates must remain closed and locked at all times. Absolutely no propping the gates open is allowed. This is for child safety.
  6. No outside food or beverage except water and small snacks for kids if needed.
  7. Absolutely no glass containers or bottles anywhere on the pool deck.
  8. Private Swim Lane Reservations can be made in the app by members, available in 1-Hour increments. You may continue using your lane if the lane is still available, and while reservations are not mandatory, drop-ins must yield to private lane reservations.
  9. The pool is used by swimming programs on a Spring and Summer Seasonal basis, however every team practice and swim meet schedule is listed in app reservations, as well as viewable on the Oakhurst Orca Website.
  10. During seasonal Swim Team Practices, at least one free-swim lane will be available for non-swim team members. This guaranteed lane will not available to reserve for private use during team practice.
  11. Members must cancel reservations in the app if they become unavailable
  12. Contra Costa Health Department requires diapers specifically designed for swimming are worn by diaper dependent children.
  13. All children 13 & Under must be supervised
Pool Guests

Pool Guests

$15.00 - Age 18 & Up | Free - Age 17 & Under


All pool guests check in at the Pro Shop before heading to the pool deck. Use the Golf Cart Driveway to access the Golf Shop for check-in. The Golf Cart Driveway runs downhill from the parking lot along the right side of the main clubhouse building. Once you’re at the bottom of the driveway, you’ll take a left inside the 2nd set of double doors. Check-in and pay any applicable guest fees at the front desk. Cash or card only.


To access the Swimming Pool after checking in at the Golf Shop, use the code-protected gate located at the far end of the dining patio. From the Golf Shop, exit the building towards the back dining patio (you’ll see tables), go left to walk all the way to the end, where you'll find the gate. Enter the pool deck using the gate code print labeled at the bottom of the keypad.

Junior Swim & Private Lessons

Junior Swim & Private Lessons

Private Swim Lessons and Swim Team/Swim Camp are available for members only in the Spring and Summer Season by emailing Jasmine Castillo, Head Coach of the Oakhurst Orcas Swim Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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